prestigious EU´s Horizon 2020

Twinning project, is looking

for 3 PhD. “superstudents”

to join its research team!

What is Nano4Tarmed?  
NANO4TARMED is a prestigious Twinning project of EU’s Horizon 2020 programme led by doc. Vaclav Ranc, running from January 2021 until the end of 2023.  

It represents an interdisciplinary scientific cluster in which chemists, biologists and physicists bring their extensive expertise to reach a mutual aim—to deal with the fundamental issue of nanotechnology-driven anticancer drug delivery.  

Scientists from Research Center of Advanced Technologies and Materials (RCPTM; CZ), Maynooth University (NUIM; IE) and the Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics (ISTEC; IT) came together to focus on development of a combination therapy based on simultaneous administration of two or more pharmacologically active agents with different modes of action using nanocarriers for the delivery.  

Who are we looking for?  
3 PhD. “superstudents” to become a part of N4T research team complying following:  

● You are a postgraduate student of natural sciences or medicine;
● You successfully finished your first year of Ph.D. study;
● You successfully passed at least one obligatory Ph.D. exam.  

What benefits are waiting for you?

● Long-term expert supervision
● 1-3 month long training at partners´institution in Ireland or Italy
● 2week long training at laboratories in Ireland and Italy
● 2week long-training at laboratories of external partners
● Grant proposal preparation training
● Technology transfer and business skills training  

The topics of training at laboratories will include drug synthesis, toxicology, data analysis, functionalization of platinum drugs, synthesis of anticancer drugs, cell-material interactions, 3D culture system and more.  

Selection procedure will take place in Spring 2022.  
To apply, send your CV and motivation letter to by the end of March 2022.

Development of advanced targeted drug delivery systems for the treatment of osteosarcoma

At the upcoming seminar, Václav Ranc, PhD will discuss the novel approach for treating osteosarcoma. By leveraging these advanced technologies, the aim is to create a more effective and targeted treatment for osteosarcoma.

September 21 2023, 10 -11 AM, CET


Treatment of osteosarcoma using smart targeted drug delivery nanoplatforms “OsteoBites Welcomes Václav Ranc”!

Osteosarcoma Webinar Series: Václav Ranc, PhD joins us on OsteoBites to discuss the Nano4Tarmed project which aims to develop a new strategy for the treatment of osteosarcoma using a new generation of 2D theranostic nanoplatforms. More about event -> Osteobites welcome

August 10, 2023, 9-10 AM, CET


Synergizing Nanotechnology in Healthcare: Nano4Tarmed Roundtable Unites Farmak, Medicprogress, and Science Innovators

At the Nano4Tarmed project’s roundtable, local company representatives from Farmak and Medicprogress came together. Václav Ranc and Ludmila Žárská introduced the project, sparking productive discussions. Petr Suchomel from the Science and Technology Park explored future collaboration opportunities.

Jun 8 2023, 9.30 AM-1.00 PM, CET


Gender equality in science and research

In a recent seminar, experts discussed gender equality in science. They talked about supporting women in the field and creating a fair, inclusive environment. It’s a reminder that diversity in science benefits us all.

January 31 2023, 10:00-11:00AM, CET


Online seminar on N4T´s findings and results 2

Join Jan Belza, an N4T pilot researcher, for his presentation on the results, findings and experiences from his month-long research stay at Maynooth University, Ireland.

January 18 2022, 2:00-3:00PM, CET


Online seminar on N4T´s findings and results

Join Ludmila Zarska, one of the N4T pilot researchers, presenting results, findings and experiences from her research stay at the partner´s laboratories (ISTEC, IT)

December 15th, 2021, 1:30-2:30PM, CET

ZOOM (, Meeting ID: 984 1811 8623. )