Empowering the Next Generation of Scientists: N4T’s journey through Italy and Ireland

In an exciting chapter of their lives, a group of seven spirited students set out on a journey to explore the magic of science and its potential to transform the world of medicine. Their quest led them to two enchanting destinations – Italy and Ireland. There, they uncovered the hidden treasures of groundbreaking research, honed their skills, and were captivated by enlightening experiences.

Italy: CNR-ISTEC in Faenza

Guided by the knowledgeable Giada Bassi, these budding scientists embarked on a captivating scientific exploration. Their days were filled with thrilling experiments, ranging from testing cells to constructing 3D scaffolds. It was an immersive experience that opened their eyes to the endless possibilities of science, leaving them in awe of the impact it could have on our lives. “It was a life-changing adventure,” they couldn’t help but exclaim.

Ireland: Maynooth University

But the adventure didn’t come to an end in Italy. Their journey continued to the enchanting landscapes of Ireland, where they were welcomed by the Department of Chemistry at Maynooth University. Dr. Diego Montagner was their mentor, guiding them into the art of chemical synthesis. They also had the privilege of participating in the vibrant academic community through engaging lectures and seminars, including one by Prof. Tamas Kiss from the University of Szeged.

These trips weren’t just about academic pursuits; they were journeys that expanded horizons and fanned the flames of their passion for science. “Our time in Italy and Ireland has strengthened our commitment to making a difference in the field of cancer treatment,” they shared with enthusiasm.

Collaboration with Palacký University Olomouc

In the midst of their adventure, a collaboration with Palacký University Olomouc brought five students to CNR’s Lab in Faenza. This unique experience allowed them to gain expertise in 3D cell culture models,
a vital aspect of advanced in vitro drug screening.

During their stay, Dr. D. Montagner and Dr. Galiana Cameo from Maynooth University shared lectures on the achievements of Nano4Tarmed, adding an extra layer of inspiration to the team.

The incredible journey these students took through Italy and Ireland shows how amazing science can be. Their adventures didn’t just teach them new things; they also made them even more excited about helping in the world of medicine. N4T’s mission is super exciting, and these students are really committed to making a big difference in how we treat cancer in the future.