Nano4Tarmed´s 1st in-person meeting of all teams

A special event of a kind took place in October for the whole Nano4Tarmed team. On October 4th, 2022 all partners and their research teams met in person at CATRIN, Palacký university Olomouc. Due to previous pandemic restrictions, it was the 1st in-person meeting since the beginning of the project in January 2021. Teams from Czechia 🇨🇿, Ireland🇮🇪 and Italy🇮🇹 presented their work and newest findings related to cancer treatment and shared their practices.

Among other topics and speakers, Doc. Vaclav Ranc from Palacký university, Czechia presented Drug delivery systems in a treatment of osteosarcoma, Dr. Diego Montagner from Maynooth university, Ireland spoke about Platinum-based chemotherapeutics: historical background and future perspectives, and Dr. Silvia Panseri from Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Italy gave a presentation on Bespoke biomaterials to enhance cell behavior in personalized medicine.

Find their full presentations below.



Diego-Montagner: Platinum-based chemotherapeutics

Silvia_PANSERI_Bespoke Biomaterials

Nano4Tarmed team